Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Thoughts from the Saddle

1) When geese are spooked and caused to take off as a flock, many of them poop in the process. If you are riding down a bike path and flush a flock of geese directly in front of you, not only do you have to worry about a 20 lb goose hitting your head, you have to dodge a shower of crap. According to my husband this is quite funny to watch from behind; take it from me, it is less fun to experience.

2) Leaning right when only your left foot is out of the clipless pedals - not smart. That makes two falls since I got bike shoes and clipless pedals. Both in my driveway. The first hurt, really hurt - stll have a bruise and knot on my right, uh, glute. This second one yesterday evening (after several rides and more than 75 miles of city riding w/ no incidents) just hurt my pride.

3) Speaking of falling, it is amazing how many thoughts can run through your head in a split second. On Sunday's ride, another cyclist coming the opposite direction passed wide , really wide, way into my "lane" of the trail, running me off the trail. My bike got squirrley, I went sideways. In the split second of realizing I was about to wipe out hard among all kinds of people; I went through a whole series of thoughts and emotions - anger, denial, fear, embarrassment, acceptance - and then remarkably relief, as I somehow regained my balance, got the wheels under me and kept on rolling.

4) Walnut balls make formidable road hazards. There is an especially egregious downhill section of road full of them right by my house....from a tree in my own yard.

5) Since I've started riding bikes, I am much more aware of hills while driving. From the gentle ones around my house, to the many not so gentle ones in the area. There's basically no flat land to be found around here.

Stop reading now if you know me and have this view of me as a prim and proper thing - or if you are offended by talk of bodily functions.

6) Cold weather riding makes my nose run, really run. And try as I might I don't quite have the moving snot rocket thing down. I don't think the goal is to catch them on your sleeve. Of course, my 10 year old son thinks it's very cool that his mom is even trying........

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