Friday, March 19, 2010

Tis the season....

Great week here in southeastern Wisconsin. The first hints of spring. I'd left for Mexico with the yard covered in snow. In fact, don't think we'd seen the ground since around the 1st of December. I'd hoped the snow would melt while we were gone - and that prayer was answered. Even better was the bonus week of sunny days, temps in the 50's. Gave me an opportunity for my first outdoor ride of 2010. Well, not exactly the first, I had a fun ride down in Mexico through the jungles, er, nature park at Tres Rios.

But this week, the bike came out of the basement. It felt great to take off on a ride. I did one of my favorite routes which takes me through two local parks. Fox Brook which has a nice mile long loop around a pond. Did two spins, enjoying the laughter of a little girl on a bike with training wheels riding the opposite direction. She seemed to find me passing by and saying hello quite funny. From there I head over through Mitchell Park and its boardwalk over the Fox River. First lesson of the trip - in the spring be mindful of the water level of the river. At first I considered turning around, but then decided to go for it, and ride on. (thanks to the mom and daughters, I knew the depth. I'm not sure I'd have been brave- or stupid- enough to ride through if I hadn't)

The second lesson of the ride. Sporadic rides on the trainer over the winter are no substitute for actual riding. Esp. when those trainer rides were few and far between the last few weeks, and not exactly at maximum effort. The hills around here killed me. It will take a few more rides before I tackle my first goal hill (the section of Brookfield Rd driving north from Bluemound to Gephardt).

And as a bonus I got to rock my colorful, spring-y, new Terry bike jersey.

Meanwhile, back at home, it's also the start of the gardening season. This will be the year I start to tackle this garden. I'm starting to get a vision. Feeling more settled in this house thanks to some changes at work. Ready to move forward, start the heavy and not so fun work of clearing some of the overgrown mess and making my own stamp on the place. There's signs of spring here too. Daffodils foliage growing through the leaves I'd piled on the beds. Teeny little hosta noses just peeking out of the earth.

On my walk Thursday, I'd taken this picture of the still ice and snow covered pond at Rolling Meadows park to remind me that we weren't quite at spring yet.

This morning, on the 1st official day of spring, awoke to a reminder from Spring herself, that we still have a way to go before the real outdoor season. But it sure feels good to know we are marching towards just that!

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