Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Perfect Companions

Okay, wordless on this one would just piss me off if I was reading. 

#1: Phormium 'Jester' and Calibrachoa 'Painted Coral'
#2 Oxalis vulcanicola 'Molten Lava' and Fuchsia 'Autumnale'
#3 Callibrachoa 'Saffron', Argyranthemum frutescen 'Butterfly', Millium effusum ''Aureum'

I am in serious lust with all of these plants.


  1. Thanks for adding the contents of the combos--I was just going to be pissed off, lol. Are you the Kim who comments on MBT's blog/twitter? hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog about Meijer. It really is more of a sculpture park than a garden, in my mind. There are floral plantings scattered throughout but mostly it is park-like. There is an English perennial and Bulb Garden which is a garden, and a children's garden and shade garden, and of course the conservatory, but for the acreage, only a small percentage of outdoor plantings is flowers, or vistas one might expect from a botanical garden. Well, at least what I would expect. But I love sculpture and the permanent collection is wonderful. And of course I adore Chihuly.

  2. Monica - Like you HUGE Chihuly fan. Have seen several installations, used to live outside St Louis, and loved the one at the MO Botanoic Garden. They used some of the neon in that one, but the polymer is new.

    And, yes, I am that Kim. I'd just had the opportunity to meet up yesterday, and spent a couple hours with him taking pictures and wandering around downtown. He'd mentioned you. Prefect timing to find your Chihuly post in my reader as I was getting caught up on blogs!